Lighting Cameraman and Director based in Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Lighting Cameraman and Director based in Kaohsiung, Taiwan 

Scroll down for a demo reel plus clips from 9 different projects - covering my work on documentary, narrative feature, TVC, corporate, and music video genres. The first 5 represent my work as lighting DOP, and the last 4 are my work as a director. The DOP Reel provides a quick overview of my work. Land's Music is excerpts from a 2-hour narrative feature set in spectacular desert settings Xinjiang Province in Western China. The Paper Makers is from a documentary showing the process of making traditional Chinese paper by hand. Wine TVC is a TV commercial for French wine with Shanghai standing in for the French Riveira. Then a promotional video for an art museum, and a recruiting film for a ceramics company both emphasizing interviews. The list is rounded out by an architectural corporate video, and finally two music videos.

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